Winter White (See Jane Knee Deep)

Zara sweater, F21 jeans, H&M belt, no-name necklace, Target hat, Marc Jacobs bag, Sorel boots

I’m partaking in the White Denim Extravaganza hosted by Carrie of This Free Bird.  Basically, the challenge was to demonstrate that white denim is just as wearable in winter months as it is during the summer.  I’m a ‘white denim in the winter’ virgin, so to start, I chose an overall neutral palette as I thought it winterized the outfit a bit more so than, say, a bright top.  Choosing footwear to go with white jeans in the winter was my biggest hurdle, so I opted for my trusty, sturdy, winter boots–they go with everything.  As for the sunglasses,  they’re interestingly enough a winter essential (for me at least) because all these mounds of snow can be downright blinding!

Ultimately, this challenge (and, oh, it was…) taught me that you can wear just about anything in the snow as long as you pair it with huge, clunky, boots.

Be sure to check out the following gals that took part in the challenge today:


  1. Ahh, you kicked this challenge's butt! You look awesome! I was wondering how people in actual winter climates were going to style white denim, but the boots honestly just pull this all together and make it so much more realistic! Love it! The neutral color palette is lovely!

  2. You are all making me a little jealous that we don't get to wear all these cool boots in L.A.! I love this look! Enjoying your blog… thanks to Carrie for bringing us this amazing challenge. the bar is set high from each one of you for sure! You have a new follower and fellow challenger…

  3. I love this look so much – you look great and I like how you paired the white jeans with neutral colors.

    I found your blog via This Free Bird and I am following you now … I am doing the white denim challenge tomorrow πŸ™‚

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