Love Bites (See Jane Bake)

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.  Love it or hate it, most people usually feel the need to do something and/or anything on this holiday.  Whether you hang out with all your girlfriends, participate in a straight-up love fest with your significant other, or sit on your couch eating a heart-shaped box of chocolates while watching the Lifetime movie du jour (what I’ll be doing as Eric will most likely be working late), a little celebrating is always in order.

If you don’t know what to do yourself come tonight, I suggest making these salty + sweet chocolate chip pecan cookies.  As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t really have a taste for sweets;  Eric, on the other hand, has the biggest sweet tooth known to man, so these cookies were right up Compromise Alley (and isn’t that what love’s all about?).  We agreed that they didn’t taste like a compromise–we both enjoyed them immensely.

Wishing you a sweet + salty holiday!


  1. These look yum! Hope you had a great weekend – and that you enjoy a handful of these over a movie tonight. Chef's cooking something he says I've never had before – several things. What could it be? A chocolate chicken?


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