The Little Things (See Jane’s Weekend)

egg in a hole

I had a very low-key weekend.  Constant work travel, in addition to weekends away (visiting my brother and sister-in-law in LA and spending time with friends in Atlanta), has made me crave a much-needed recharge at home.  I’ve had a great time in the past few whirlwind weeks but sometimes you just want to lay low.  This act of ‘laying low’ is generally defined as:  making my own breakfast and coffee, because going outside in the cold, while hungry, requires a little too much effort in my opinion.

flowers from a friend
my favorite coffee with whipped cream on top          

Now that it isn’t Monday and you can think more clearly, tell me:  how was your weekend?


  1. mmm… egg in a frame. I eat one for lunch every day! (Ok, two.) My weekend was nuts… successfully moved to Vermont just in time for a massive snowstorm! Working from home rules…this much I know.


  2. I need weekends to recharge as well. If I don't get any downtime, Mondays are really rough. Your weekend sounds wonderful and so relaxing. And your coffee with whipped cream looks delicious!


  3. We used to call that egg in a nest. hahaha!! I opened up your post and almost darted directly into the kitchen. Yum!

    On that note can you believe it's only Tuesday? I need a nap. Weekends really are the best recharge times and it sounds like you did so in grand style. Your flowers are so pretty!


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