Weekend Bits (See Jane’s Life)

view from loz feliz

I spent the weekend in LA visiting my brother and sister-in-law.  As I mentioned yesterday (as well as numerous other LA-based bloggers), it was downright scorching!  I didn’t make it to the beach, but did in fact, spend ample time outside.  It was a nice change from the Chicago winters that I’m used to; from what I heard about Chicago weather this past weekend, if I would have been home, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have left the house.

my gracious hosts (brother + sister-in-law)
brunch-ready. do you like the bow belt I gave her for christmas?
blood marys at Home
tangerine tree
so out of focus, but someday, it will be mine

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  1. I LOVE your striped camel/tan top. Where is that from?? The weather this weekend was insane! I spent most of it outside and enjoyed every minute of it. Looks like you did too! Glad you had a great weekend.


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