Olé! (See Jane Cook)

If you haven’t noticed, I have a tendency towards Mexican food and all things spicy (why do you think I’m having a wedding in Mexico?).  I could eat tacos every day, and thanks to my constant travel to San Francisco, I usually eat them at least once a week.   When I made it back to Chicago on Sunday evening, I had an itch to make cook, so I made my own variation of this taco recipe.

The recipe acted as a guide for me and I used similar spices along fresh lime juice to cover the chicken before baking.  I also used the recipe to help me create my own slaw for topping; I improvised up using sour cream instead of mayonnaise and added a whole jalapeno for kick.  (While delicious to me, it was also pretty spicy, so be warned!)  For extra oomph, I added some black beans and fresh avocado to the tacos.  That’s what I love about cooking–it’s not a science and you have free rein to be creative. 


  1. This looks SO GOOD! I hear you, I often tend to drift towards some tex-mex type meal – between chicken & spices & cheese & guacamole & salsa & black beans there is nothing not to love!! Mmm!

  2. YUM GIRL!!! I am addicted to Mexican so if you ever want to go, Im in!!! And please tell me you have been to de Cero on Randolph??? the taco platter – yummy!

  3. Mmmm…I never get tired of Mexican food, which is a good thing considering I live in Mexico! I'm sure you're already plotting which taco stands to hit up while here!

  4. Mexican food is my favorite, I could literally eat it every day. Your tacos look delicious! I love the idea of swapping out the mayonnaise for sour cream.


  5. yum-my. i can't wait to feel better so i can scarf down some tacos. although last night on my death bed i did manage to eat some of the spiciest salsa the chef has ever concocted. i'm convinced that's why i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. mmmmmmmmmmjalapenos

  6. NOM. I love mexiacn and spicy food too, but I never really cook it. There's just too many ingredients and I'm just too lazy. But you've made me hungry, so I'm going to have to def get myself some (more) mexican this weekend!

    xoox, Ashley

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