J. Crew Spring ’11 (See Jane Yearn)

Last fall (mere months ago), everyone was swooning over Spring 2011 collections, completely high off of Fashion Week.  Sure, it’s fun to see what you might be wearing next spring, but ultimately, I have a hard time getting excited for clothing that’s nearly half a year away from being wearable.  While some were concentrating on resort wear, it was just starting to get cold enough to wear sweaters and boots. 

Fast forward to today, where winter is far from being over.  I always dread this time of year because I’m tempted by pretty, spring lines that are just beginning to pop into stores, and sadly, this is the best time of year to shop the winter sales. 

*via fashionologie + j crew

I know the J Crew Spring ’11 line has been showcased to death, but it’s only starting to now resonate with me now that winter clothing is finally on sale and spring is in sight.  The pastels!  The shorts!  The bare legs!  And now, I can’t wait until…May.


  1. I've been feeling the exact same way lately. Once the holidays are over, I'm ready for Spring. I love the J Crew Spring line! I can't wait for warmer weather!


  2. Thankfully my legs are so white I'd be scared to release them to the sun (or the people who might see them)…I do need some brighter colors though Anna Jane. The grey is just not doing it for me anymore!


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