Hot Mustard (See Jane Wear)

There’s nothing like blue skies and hot yellow to brighten your day.  Don’t be deceived by the bright colors, though, it was freezing outside.  We’re dead-smack in the middle of winter and I’m already tired of wearing long pants.  As an alternative, I wore shorts with tights and thigh high socks layered on top for extra warmth.  Who needs pants when you have layers?  As a side note:  I can’t stop wearing these F21 booties (evidence: here + there); they’re my first pair of footwear from there, and they’ve turned into my black shoe default.  I might need to change it up soon or my other shoes may get jealous.

                    UO sweater, J Crew tee, F21 shorts + shoes + high highs, Old Navy scarf, ChloΓ© bag, Ray Ban sunglasses

How was your weekend?


  1. i love this – everything about it! the mustard color, winter shorts, oxford booties, and cognac against black. definitely some of my style favorites all into one outfit!! (:

  2. Short and tights are one of my favorite looks. I too am sick of this cold weather. Even though the sun is out it's so deceiving. It is the perfect weather though to stay in and catch up on DVR'd shows.

  3. I'm already tired of winter too (and obviously our winter is nothing like yours). I the grey and mustard combination and those booties are so cute! I've never bought any shoes from Forever 21 either, but might have to check them out next time. Hope you had a great weekend.


  4. Cute layers and I love the yellow!! I took some pics in another pair of F21 shoes and have to weed through the photos before posting, but girl they are good shoes. I love your booties and the shorts, too. Kinda thinking about digging out the tweed now….find me in the garage under a pile of boxes.



  5. Gah, you are the cutest! And I totally thought of you when I clicked on cupcakes & cashmere this morning… my bloglovin' was full of mustard, and it looks so gorgeous on you both! Love the socks/tights/shorts combo here, too! So cute!

  6. Hi, great outfit. Love the shorts and sweater combo. Might have to try the wool shorts with tights look. I live in the Midwest and it is bitter cold for me too. BTW- where did you get the Chloe bag? Gorgeous!

  7. Hi Bridget – my fiance got me the bag for Christmas, but it came in a Saks bag, so pretty sure he got it there!

    MissCupcake – Yep, the sunglasses are RayBan and they're called the "skinny wayfarer" and I originally got them in 2009 on revolve. They're now on sale at Bluefly, though! here's the link:

  8. just found your blog and LOVE it! That is such a cute outfit and really makes me want to run out to F21 and pick up some tall socks and tights. I've seen this look recently and haven't found the courage to wear it yet – you've inspired me!

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