Food For Thought (See Jane Make…sort of)

I love to cook.  However, due to my ever-changing schedule and constant travel, it makes it hard to visit the grocery store on a regular basis and have items on-hand that can create delicious meals.  While perusing Whole Foods last weekend I came across Rising Moon ravioli.  I decided to give it a whirl and the end result?  Way better than expected.  I kept it simple with olive oil, black pepper, kosher salt, and parmesan cheese; it was definitely the best ravioli I’ve ever had at home.  Alright, enough of that.  I promise never to post about frozen food again.

What’s cooking (or defrosting) for you lately?


  1. There is nothing wrong with using frozen considering how long it takes to make actual Ravioli. I used Whole Food's pumpkin ravioli during fall time and added sage and cheeses. It was really good.

  2. That ravioli looks so yummy. my children asked for chicken nuggets today, so I got the frozen ones and friend them for the kids 🙂

    Wishing you a lovely day


  3. i'm on an absolutely-no-take-out/delivery binge and jay wants to kill me… its hard to whip up meals from scratch every night–kind of thinking about going to whole foods to pick these up today.


  4. It looks delicious! The merlot wine pasta sounds really interesting. I love to cook too, but just don't have the time or energy to do it every night. So I have lots of frozen items like this for dinner on weeknights. I get a lot of it from Trader Joe's and it's actually pretty good and fairly healthy.

    The lululemon class was great! It was full, but not overly crowded and the instructor was knowledgeable. If I didn't already have a gym membership with great yoga classes, i'd go all the time.


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