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I took Kiley’s advice yesterday and checked out  I had been meaning to for awhile now, but reading her post gave me an extra push.  Welcome to my store front; I have a feeling this will be very bad for my already obsessive online-perusing habit. describes me as having a romantic style.  While I definitely gravitate towards a romantic aesthetic, I also think that I have a lot of classic tendencies to my style.  I love how online quizzes can open up your eyes and make you think “whoa, really?”  I can’t wait to explore this site further and see what it directs me to purchase.  Check out the “See Jane.” boutique here.  And for the record, I wish I was wearing Sienna Miller’s outfit (middle picture) right now.

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  1. Ive been the same way….heard about it a couple weeks ago never tried but search others….i am very afraid to try it – and PS i think our styles would be the exact same!!!

  2. I've been avoiding that place like the plague…but I think it might be closing in on me now Anna Jane!

    Okay and on a random note I am totally flattered that your sis in law loves the blog. And kind of mortified b/c I have not clue on how to make the layout any better. oy


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