Road Trip (See Jane Wear)

Mossimo (Target) hat, J Brand jeans (via Gilt), J Crew top, F21 sweater, Bakers shoes, ChloΓ© bag, TWO Goody hairties

On Monday, my sisters, mom, and I piled into the car to embark on a lengthy 1+ hour journey to Troy, MI–home of the Somerset Collection (i.e. my favorite mall).  I wasn’t having the greatest hair day, so I decided to cover it up with a hat.  If there’s one thing I have trouble wearing, it’s hats.  Maybe it’s my face or perhaps it’s the shape of my head that doesn’t quite mesh with head-toppers; whatever it is, I can’t seem to wear hats without feeling totally self-conscious.  I found this ski cap at Target last week and when I tried it on, I didn’t hate what I saw so decided it had to be fate.  It’ll still take some getting used to, but perhaps I can use this opportunity to explore further into the world of hats.

Are you a hat person?

**Disclaimer:  we didn’t pile into an RV to go to the mall–it’s actually my parents’ next door neighbor’s RV.  It’s just an appropriate coincidence that I was standing in front of it before our “road trip.”

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  1. This outfit is perfect! I love it, from head to toe. The toque (what we call your hat in Canada) is a nice addition. And yes, I am a MAJOR hat person! They're stylish and extremely convenient for bad hair days, don't you think? I hope you're enjoying your holidays : )

  2. Haha, I thought that was your RV and that you ladies did some serious shopping if you had to haul it home in an RV!
    Cute outfit and although I have never been a hat person, I like yours + the styling, so I will have to reconsider….

  3. I love hats but hats to you are sunglasses to me. I takes me forever to find a pair that I think look midly decent. and then I usually break them a week later somehow lol.

  4. I love hats and the target one fits you perfectly. Your whole look is what I am lacking. I really need to punch up my casual looks. Lately casual to me have been sweats and you just can't go anywhere looking like that…

  5. the hat looks adorable. i used to think i wasn't a "hat" person, but over the years i've grown to love them and quickly learned which hats work and don't work on my noggin!

  6. First – hat great choice hun – it looks super cute, I am drawn to the fluffy yet understate ball! Second love the oxford style shoes!!! You rock em!!!

    I love the burbs malls!!! so fun!

  7. Too cute Anna – love the beanie on you and that RV makes for the perfect backdrop for these photos!!! πŸ˜‰ You should definitely start rocking more beanies / hats lady. Happy early NYE! xx

  8. You look so cute in this hat! I hope this experience converts you into a hat person, because it's such a good look for you. I love the whole outfit. I've never been much of a hat person, but I continue to try. They always look so cute on other people!


  9. Hahaha, i'm glad you clarified about the RV…I was waiting to read about alllll that you bought, lol. Super cute casual outfit, and I think that hat looks great on you. I like hats but I can def only pull of certain silhouttes of them. Head shape plays a large role.

    Happy New year!

    xo, Ashley

  10. What a great blog you have! I'm now a follower πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the comment on my blog: it was pretty nice to meet Kate in person after communicating via twitter and our blogs for months! She is very sweet.
    I really enjoy this cozy outfit you have going. I'm a big fan of brogues and comfy hats!

  11. What do you mean you aren't a hat person? You look ADORABLE! Love the whole look. I really wish we had snow here is SF — it just doesn't feel like a real winter without it. Hope you had a fabulous holiday season! xx Laura

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