Red ‘n Green Holiday Treats (See Jane Make)

I mentioned on Monday that I attended a holiday party this past weekend.  One of the stipulations for the party was that we had to bring a holiday cookie to share.  I wasn’t in the mood to bake on Saturday and came across several recipes for peppermint bark.  I also wasn’t thrilled with peppermint that day, so when I stumbled upon Brown Eyed Baker’s Pistachio + Cranberry White Chocolate Bark, I was sold.  The colors were stunning and I love pistachios, so I decided to make it and never looked back.

While Eric wasn’t in love with it (I don’t like cranberries, he grimaced), it did win second place in an anonymous cookie tasting.  It was quite possibly was the most competitive holiday party I’d ever attended.


  1. oh boy. So many yummy food posts this morning. Ok chocolate bark is one of my favorite holiday treats. I actually spent a couple saturdays ago scouring lower manhattan for some.
    Your looks amazing, I wish I could try it!


  2. um hel-lo! i love cranberries and dried cherries and when i read your tweet almost ran out and bought a pound of white chocolate to make it happen!!

    maybe this weekend because it looks INSANELY GOOD!


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