At Last (See Jane TGIF)

Is it me or has this week been extraordinarily long?  While I definitely don’t want to wish away these few, short weeks before Christmas, something about this week was painful and slow. 

an outtake from my christmas decor post.  soak in the holiday spirit.

Ever since graduating college, I’ve found that the holiday seasons seem to get shorter and shorter.  One minute it’s the 4th of July and you’re basking in that summer glow and the next minute, you’re pasty white and slugging down as much egg nog as you can just so you can ‘celebrate the season.’  I don’t want this year to be like that, so this weekend, I’m taking in all the season has to offer.  I have one and a half holiday parties this weekend (the half party is for work–I don’t think those count as a full-fledged holiday party) and finally will be getting in some Christmas shopping.  And I’ll be darned if my weekend isn’t topped off with a Sunday Christmas movie marathon!  TBS and Bravo, don’t let me down.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

P.S.  I am extending the giveaway through the weekend.  (‘Tis the season…)  Don’t forget to enter!


  1. agree so so so much about time flying. my brother actually just told me about a study someone did that proved that a year seems to go by faster and faster as you grow up, bc it is a smaller percentage of your entire life. this week, however, has crawled…

  2. I can't believe it's almost Xmas and I literally have bought 2 gifts. Great!

    And I'm with you for the movie marathon! There's a super cheesy one on ABC family on Sunday. DVR set to go haha

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love the decorated mantle! It looks great. I think a weekend of getting into the holiday season sounds perfect. I can't stop watching Christmas movies! I think I've seen Elf like seven times already this season. And it's just as funny every. single. time. Have a great weekend! xo

  4. Each night we have watched a holiday movie. Last night was The Santa Claus and the day before was Polar Express. I love how they make me feel. So warm and fuzzy inside. ha

    Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be out shopping on Sunday.

  5. thanks for the comment!

    i'm still in high school, but the holidays seem short to me still. the weekend is like the only thing that keeps me going during the week.

    xx Kenny

  6. I love your decorating skills. Seriously I have yet to put the last strand of lights on. Having purchased a gargantuan tree of course I ran out and then the crowds sucked up every last light at Target causing me to tremble and run off.


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