Easiest Scones Ever (See Jane Bake)

Fresh out of the oven.

When I made pumpkin-turkey chili last weekend, I knew a starchy accompaniment was needed to round out the meal.  Pressed for time and creativity, I stumbled upon these Quick and Easy Scones on allrecipes.com; once I saw the simplicity of the recipe, I was sold.  Because I’m such a rebel (or perhaps a glutton) in the kitchen, I doubled the amount of cheese, garlic, and threw in an extra tablespoon of butter for good measure.  These were my first scones and they definitely won’t be my last.  I still can’t believe how simple and delicious they were and can’t wait to make other tweaks and variations to this basic recipe.

Be sure to buy self-rising flour for breads and scones.

Instead of using nonstick spray, I drizzled olive oil on the baking sheet.

Just call me Poppin’ Fresh.


  1. Those look incredible! I'm always impressed when anyone makes homemade bread or scones (I've never tried either). I'm saving this recipe and adding it to my "to do" list. Thanks!


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