Chicken Enchiladas (See Jane Cook)

ready for the oven

In honor of the glutton-fest that’s about to occur (i.e. Thanksgiving), I thought I would post the chicken enchiladas I made the other weekend.  I could honestly eat Mexican food almost every day.  I love fresh tortillas, avocados, tomatoes, and of course, cheese.  I prefer the healthier versions of these dishes, such as fresh fish tacos (no cheese, just fish, cabbage, and vinaigrette), but sometimes I love a good ol’ Tex Mex meal.  I made this recipe of Chicken Enchiladas and it was surprisingly easy.  I kicked up the spiciness a notch with extra peppers and chipotles (because I crave the spice of life) and it was delicious.

fresh corn tortillas
shredded chicken breast
the final product, topped with avocado, creme fraiche, and cilantro

How do you feel about Mexican food?


  1. Girl We are meant to be friends…I can eat it EVERY day!!! I make a great enchilada with a green sauce with chorizo, I just made them a couple weeks ago but we were too hungry to get any pics, srsly the Hubs asked 'why didn't you post about those!" I replied, 'Dude you already had eaten two by the time I thought about it!'

  2. I just ate a huge piece of banana cream pie for lunch (that was effective), but am seriously considering calling the Mexican place on the corner for enchiladas now. Creme fraiche?? Calgon take me away!!


  3. Yummie looks delishous:)
    My bf is from nicaragua so i'm used to that kindda food and i LOVE it:)

    Love your blog really!Happy i ran into it! I love your style! Your posts are a great read!
    Im gonna follow you!
    hope you take the time to visit & follow me back!
    I would love that:)

    love from belgium

    Have a nice day!

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