Month: November 2010

Mac ‘n Cheese + Holiday (See Jane Recap)

This past week was spent at my parents’ house in Ohio, where time goes by slowly and the refrigerator is perpetually stocked.  Thanksgiving was fantastic and much quality time was spent with my parents, siblings, and adorably mischievous nephews.  I’m still in holiday mode and I don’t see myself snapping out of it until 2011. […]

Meet Emily (See Jane’s Sister)

Meet my sister Emily.  I’ve mentioned her in my blog several times and now here she is, getting her own feature post.  While I was home for Thanksgiving, I asked her if I could pick out an outfit for her and take pictures.  As soon as I saw this sparkly cardigan hanging in her closet, […]

Happy Early Thanksgiving (See Jane Eat)

via I’m taking the rest of the week off to spend time with my family so I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving in advance.  I hope you all have a great week spending time with loved ones, eating lots of delicious food, and giving thanks for everything in your lives.  I have so […]

Chicken Enchiladas (See Jane Cook)

ready for the oven In honor of the glutton-fest that’s about to occur (i.e. Thanksgiving), I thought I would post the chicken enchiladas I made the other weekend.  I could honestly eat Mexican food almost every day.  I love fresh tortillas, avocados, tomatoes, and of course, cheese.  I prefer the healthier versions of these dishes, […]