Who Knew (See Jane Suprised)

I never thought I would be one to say the phrase ‘cargo jeggings,’ let alone buy a pair–recent interest in cargo pants was a big step in itself.  I couldn’t help myself, though.  As soon as I saw them on a mannequin as I passed by American Eagle, my curiosity was piqued.  When I saw the price (under $20), I knew I had to have them.  This isn’t my first pair of leggings disguised as denim material, but it is my first pair of cargo pants since junior high.

Anthropologie blazer, F21 top, American Eagle jeggings, J Crew shoes (here + here)

A year ago, if you could have told me that I would be buying green, cargo, jeggings (a cringe-worthy word in itself) from American Eagle, I would have demanded a refund of my future.  My how time changes perspective–I’ve been wearing these non-stop!


  1. They look awesome on you!
    I love them paired with the blazer and heels. good idea!

    PS- I think Don Draper MUST have a brain tumor. I was hoping it was all a dream!

  2. ummmm I love these! You look great (as always)! I actually dog-earred a sweater I saw in a magazine from American Eagle and couldn't believe it either. But for the prices…not gonna pass it up!

  3. You got a major deal on the cargo pants. Holy moses. They look so good on you and your shoes have been locked in my mind for about a week. Not good for my wallet.

    Love the way you put the outfit together with a blazer. Totally amps it up.

    ps-it's cold down here (at least for us) – in the 60's and has been raining off and on the past couple days.


  4. Hey babe, thank you so much for understanding, you're the BEST!!! btw, i am your follower now, I love your blog and has been for some time, and only just realised that I haven't followed you yet ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wishing you a beautiful day


  5. Those look great on you, and as a former sales associate who worked at AE when those came out, I can honestly say they don't look good on most of the people who tried them on – you're workin' it!


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