Something Borrowed (See Jane Use)

I headed back to the homeland to see my parents and sisters this past weekend.  The best parts about going home (rather than the obvious company of loved ones) include:  the abundance of food in the fridge, suburban malls, roads without traffic, and raiding my sister’s closet.  We are similar in size and build and I don’t think we’ve ever been together without swapping something in our closets.  In fact, I usually don’t put a whole lot of thought into packing when I visit home, as I know I’ll always find something to wear.

sister’s H&M coat, sister’s UO jeggings, sister’ Luella for Target button down, H&M tank, Zara boots

(…And clearly see above some flour got on my pants.  I also love baking at home because my mom has a stocked pantry.  I will show the the fruits of my labor later on this week.)

Also, thank you for the suggestions on how to wear the Zara boots!


  1. I always wished for a sister for that very reason. Lucky you!! You got some serious scores on your wardrobe adventure in her closet. I love the way you put it all together with the boots. Those things are swooners!


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