Only the Lonely (See Jane Wear)

I need to start out by stating that I’m a tad embarrassed by this post.  I haven’t been home since the 17th and I feel obligated to do an outfit post because I’ve had my camera with me this whole time.  Enter:  self-timer, solo shots.  No remote.  No tripod.  Just me in my hotel room, post-work, with Seinfeld blaring in the background.  Are you depressed yet?  Yes, the pictures aren’t the best, but since I liked the outfit I wore to work that day, so I felt compelled I’d share.  I promise never to take my boyfriend and his photography skills for granted again!

J Crew top, Theory pants, J Crew shoes, Urban Outfitters necklace, Michele watch, Goody hair tie
 These are the best ones–by a long shot.  Maybe some day, if you’re up for a laugh, I’ll share a few more.


  1. ZEEEG! We must have been drinking the same water yesterday!!! My post today is the same thing, horrible shots of myself (only two worth letting the world see!)

    I love the pants and top!

  2. oh I totally feel your pain. when I have to go through this nightmare with the self-timer, I start to crumble internally and question whether or not to even keep blogging—dramatic much? But I'm glad you did, b/c the outfit is perfect in its simplicity. I just got that t-shirt in navy and cannot stop wearing it.

    not depressed… inspired!

  3. These are freaking rad. Seriously. I probably couldn't even LOCATE the self-timer much less get in position before it went off. You want blur? I'll give you blur. hahaha

    Seriously though – that striped top is so cute and the pants look great. Those freaking shoes haunt me in my dreams.

    I think my fave part is the Goody "bracelet". hawt


  4. So, first off, I have the same top in navy stripes and I can't stop wearing it. I didn't even see it in tan. And I'm angry and jealous, because tan is cute!! Also, I totally understand the less glam points of being on the road. Hope you're keeping your head up and maybe enjoying some drinks on the company dime. Next time try setting up your camera on the dresser. I've had some pretty good success doing self timer shots on the dresser, it's usually about the right height. xo, from one business traveller to another!

  5. Oh these look like masterpieces compared to myself self-timed shots!! My pictures are always a disater haha. All that matters is we got to see how freaking cute your outfit it. I loveeee the shoes!

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