A-mason Grace (See Jane Plan)

Ooh boy, sorry everyone–you asked for it.  All of you so graciously replied that you wouldn’t mind wedding planning details in my blog, so I apologize in advance if you were just being polite.  I am a big fan of the wedding blog Style Me Pretty and if you’ve ever taken a peek, you know that the use of mason jars in decor is quite prevalent.  Some may argue that the look ‘is done (boo) but I love the rustic and vintage feel of mason jars and hope to incorporate them into my Mexican fiesta.

Some of my favorite uses of mason jars at weddings:

There is something so crafty about mason jars that produce an down-home, comfortable feeling.  It doesn’t matter how much I see them on wedding blogs–they’re so unabashedly cute!  Would you (or did you) allow them at your wedding?


  1. Oh, how original, unique and adorable. I think using mason jars for weddings is ok if the theme and location "support" them. incorporating these jars at Garden or beach wedding party is definitely acceptable. thanks for sharing this, I LOVE it :))

  2. I think they are so romantic and there is something rustic or vintage about them. I love Style Me Pretty. I have a folder for (future) wedding inspiration and SMP takes up most of that folder!

  3. I absolutely love this look! And Style me pretty is such a great site for wedding inspiration. The first picture looks like a margarita in a mason jar-what a great idea!! Keep the wedding details coming, I love hearing about this stuff.


  4. Love them!!!! Sipping a salt rimmed margarita out of one of these would be grand!! Not at my wedding…we were a rather untrad bunch – VEGAS! But I do have them around the house – pencil cup on desk, in the cab hold misc junk!

  5. mason jars are the easiest way to be chic but not pretentious. definitely use them!! and i don't know about others, but i love reading about what people are doing for their weddings!

  6. I love this… and thanks for sharing this on here.. I am engaged and need to set a date and will be beginning to plan soon so these resources are awesome!! I love the mason jar idea.

  7. I incorporated Mason Jars of all different sizes and colors into my wedding as centerpiece vases and drinking glasses!!! All of my guests loved them. It is a great way to add personality to otherwise often unnoticed details.

  8. Yes!! I would totally do it. I think the margaritas out of mason jars are cool – (coming from someone who drinks kool-aid out of them even though I'm an adult). The lantern idea is very pretty, too.


  9. Absolutely love the look of mason jars for a wedding. I actually buy small ones because I love to drink out of them. I have no idea what it is, but I love it ; )

  10. I just found my love for mason jars as well to drink out of but I love these ideas for them! Also, I didn't even THINK to contact you when I was in Chicago! So NEXT TIME I would LOVE to meet you! It was a girl's weekend so maybe Jake and I can get out there this winter or early spring before the big day..which by the way, I AM COMING TO! I am sooooo so excited! xo

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