Flower Power (See Jane Choose)

I don’t really discuss my pending wedding much on this blog–mostly because I don’t want to bore you.  Here are a two set in stone facts on my pending nuptials:  it’s in May 2011 and it’s in Sayulita, Mexico (not at a hotel).

I wouldn’t post about something that wasn’t important.  My concern du jour are flowers.  I asked my wedding planner (she lives down there) about florists and more specifically flowers native to the area and she informed me that Mexico doesn’t have peonies–the only flower I actually asked about.  Qu’elle horreur!  Yes, they can ship them in, but it’ll cost me.  My fluffy, flower dreams are being shattered.  May is prime time for peonies, too, which just shakes salt into my wounds.

I’m no botanist, so I need to expand my horizons.  What is your favorite flower?  Any peony lovers out there with viable alternatives?

Disclaimer:  I promise to never bore you with this topic again.


  1. I don't find it boring at all to hear about your wedding 🙂

    I'm certainly no flower expert. For my wedding my florist was one of my best friends, and I just told her some colors and types of flowers I like and she ran with that. If you find someone who knows enough, I'm sure they'd be able to find something similar to peonies that you'll be happy with!

  2. Wedding details are never boring, dear! I think it would be a nice little weekly post. But I do have to admit, I'm obsessed with planning and weddings just happen to be my favorite so I may be a little biased, haha. My favorite flowers are peonies, too, so I'm not much help there.

  3. GIRL GET THE PEONIES!!!!! You only have a wedding ONCE (well hopefully!) I had them, had to pay extra and am SOOO Glad I did…..maybe it is just your bouquet that is peonies….make them all the more special!!!!!

    This is no bore…we are mostly girls and we love this stuff!!!!


  4. I just told my Mom last night that peonies in my someday wedding are a definite and MUST. They are by far my absolute favorite. This makes me sad for you! There HAS to be a solution!!!

  5. I know very little about flowers, but I do know that I love peonies. I also love ranunculus and lillies, but have no idea if you can get them in Mexico. How exciting that you've picked a date and place!!! Tell us more!!


  6. OMG I would LOVE to hear more about your wedding!!!!
    I love peonies too.
    Have you looked at garden roses(they are huge and lush) or my other favorite is calla lily.


    PS.Mexico.. how fun!!!!

  7. I would love to hear more about your wedding,sweetie
    Such a shame that they dont have them there…Hmm…They are my fav too:)

    Ps: I am hosting a sweet GIVEAWAY today 🙂 Hope you will join in :)!!!

  8. I don't think you would bore us with your wedding details at all. The location is going to be magic! Now about those flowers…no peonies?? Ugh

    I don't know much about flowers, but they have to have some great ones down there because the weather is sooooo great. Can she provide you with a list of some sort?


  9. It's not boring!! Weddings are a PARTY! I honestly don't know too much about flowers. I like tulips though 🙂

    PS – As a Steelers fan since birth I welcome you to the Pittsburgh obsession that is Steelers football!

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