Month: October 2010

Blue Suede Shoes (See Jane Like)

I find myself drawn to these blue, suede shoes.  I can’t really envision myself wearing them, yet I find them completely intriguing.  There is something so Alexander McQueen about these shoes and the navy makes them even more enticing.  However, I know myself and I just wouldn’t wear these very often.  The Dolce Vita Hayword, […]

Real Life (See Jane Praise)

While I love magazines and enjoy perusing the latest runway collection, nothing revs my engines like blogs and street style pictures.  I love seeing what people are wearing in their day to day lives, rather than seeing models who most likely spent five hours in hair and makeup, all while surround by a bevy of […]

Only the Lonely (See Jane Wear)

I need to start out by stating that I’m a tad embarrassed by this post.  I haven’t been home since the 17th and I feel obligated to do an outfit post because I’ve had my camera with me this whole time.  Enter:  self-timer, solo shots.  No remote.  No tripod.  Just me in my hotel room, […]

Miss Dottie (See Jane Speckled)

Since I reside in a city that insists on having arctic winters, tights are a necessary evil.  Sure, they’re fun at first when the temperatures are a mild 35 degrees (that’s nothing for Chicago winters), but once winter really starts to pick up, long after the holidays, you’ll yearn for the days when you could […]