Per-suede Me (See Jane Ask)

I’m in some dire need of some styling tips.  I bought these boots at Zara in France (i.e. returns unlikely) and while I really like them, I’m not sure how to wear them.  In fact, a friend even noticed them in my closet and said that she liked them but wasn’t sure if I’d wear them.  That scenario tends to happen once in a while and I’m determined to get some use out of these shoes.

So I ask my loyal readers, how would you wear these green-brown, suede, wedge booties?


  1. Anna-
    I was JUST reading Lucky mag (Oct) last night in bed and read about paperbag booties. It seems those strings are supposed to wrap around the ankle for the paperbag effect? Anyways I think it would look darling with a mini skirt and tights or cropped skinny jeans. Something to keep your legs looking long and a clean line! Love the booties!

  2. Skirt & tights. Tunic & leggings. Skinny jeans and a tunic length cozy sweater. I feel like it's endless!

    But I totally agree. I have so much stuff in my closet that I bought and loved and then when I get it home I'm like uhh why did I buy this?

  3. LOVE these booties!!

    I would wear them: with mini skirt/dress and knee high socks OR with tights OR with skinny jeans OR with shorts. They are perfection!


  4. ObSESSED. These are going to look so great on you with your ridiculously long legs.

    Skinny jeans or denim leggings (especially dark-dark-dark ones) and a floaty top with your tan leather jacket. Opaque tights and a wrap dress or slouchy sweaterdress. And I demand that you post pictures because I'm officially curious now.
    xo Josie

  5. Anna Jane!! Leggings, chunky sweater and scarf w/hair in a pony or up = dream!

    How about this?? Shift dress, tights, possibly light sweatercoat thrown over, open and flowing back at sides with just the right jewelry at the neck??? I can totally see you now!!

    Here's one! Skirt (pencil or mini), tights, military jacket, striped sequin t underneath and chunky jewelry around the neck…I've got to stop. Now I want a pair!


  6. ooh i LOVE the wedges Jane! I really want a pair of wedge boots in this olive green color as well. You can really wear them with anything, you'd be surprised what a versatile color it is! I would most likely wear them with slim fit jeans.

  7. OMG I almos tbought these last night! You can wear them sooo many ways!!! But I know how you are feeling – almost nervous! Tights and any style dress or skirt! thigh high socks and a mini with a 'heavy' sweater…oh the possibilities!

  8. LOVE THEM!!!! I would seriously wear those with everything. The first thing that came to mind was a shirt dress, belted, with burgundy colored tights. Or a chunky sweater dress, belt, and tights. Or grey leggings, colorful boyfriend cardigan, and a big scarf. Or even the basic skinny jeans, slouchy tee, faux fur vest. Oooh, I need a faux fur vest.


  9. Loves them!! I thinkk they would work with tights and leggings and possibly jeans. Just treat them as a neutral color – don't get hung up thinking they clash with black/grey, etc. I think slim bottoms with a tunic or chunky knit on top would be great! And if you don't think you'll wear them, let me know…I know someone who would love them. (too much? never!)

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