Last Chance (See Jane Hold On)

This is what a desperate last attempt of summer looks like.  Tank tops + sandals.  Actually, I’m lying…these photos are from Rome and it was quite toasty for our time there.  As much as I love fall (ex: I bought $40 worth of socks today), I’m always sad to see summer leave.  Do I really have to wait a whole year to walk outside in shorts and sandals?

H&M tank + sandals, J Crew skirt, Joes Jeans bag
Are you holding onto anything that represents summer?


  1. Not letting go of obnoxiously bright pedicures just yet! Also tanks, just now needing a cardigan or jacket over top!

    Are those the J.crew suede shoes in your header?! SO CUTE! (Great legs BTW! 🙂 )

  2. Cute outfit!!! I love the striped tank look.
    I'm also sad to see some things go (like throwing on a sundress no matter where Im going.) Summer can be so easy!!



  3. A. Amazing new header. It looks great!! Can you send your technology skills my way? Oh, and your legs too please. hehe

    B. I love this photo of you looking all summery chic in Rome. Makes me forget that fall is here at all.

    I can't let go of ice cream. I mean I know I don't have to, but in summer I eat more of it and I cannot seem to release it. Oy

    That and shorts. Which, as much as I love tights, I would rather just wear w/bare legs. There might be one heatwave left!!


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