Channeling Jasmine (See Jane Shrug)

Just when I thought harem pants were fading away into oblivion, my trip to Paris last month totally proved me wrong.  Not only were the très chic Parisians donning these silky, billowy bottoms, but they wore them in an array of prints.  Now, I have a pair of harem-esque (emphasis on the esque) black Theory pants that I wear to work, but these…eh, I’m not so sure.  Not all trends work for everyone and I just don’t think I could pull these off.


…but not for me.  For you?


  1. Being a curvy girl i wasn't sure if they would suit me or not, so i brought some and im still not sure. I think best suited for tall silm girlies! But at the end of the day it's personal opinion 🙂 xo

  2. These are not for me either.

    I just came across your blog and love it! As I read through I noticed you went to Italy last month. I just got back from there on Sunday. We visited Cinque Terre and fell in love as well. It rained so we could not do the hike but the views were amazing!


  3. I do have a pair of these (NOT printed)… it definitely takes a bit to get used to, so we'll see how wearing them goes. Being short, I find only certain things can make me look taller (and I'm not into high waisted jeans) 🙂


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