Baby’s First Chanel (See Jane Smile)

When I was in Paris, my boyfriend fiancé (if I must..) bought me my first Chanel item, aside from perfume and makeup.  It was an eventful day for me and the stars must have been aligned.  Also, the cost of Chanel products is cheaper in France and with the VAT you get back, it turns out to be a much better deal than if you would have purchased it in the states.  I have no pictures of the the ballet flats yet, but I think the display of the box is almost as impressive as the shoes themselves.

Have a great weekend.


  1. i like this guy more and more every day!! hehe

    seriously though – what a great memory you'll have every time you wear your flats. don't hold out now…show us the goods!

    have a great weekend, anna jane!


  2. EEEEE, so exciting!! Just the box is gorgeous, can't wait to actually see you rock the shoes! Also, what a perfect way to remember your Parisian vacation – with Chanel!

    What a good catch you're marrying, you lucky girl.

    Hope you two had a good weekend!

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