Zoe Knows? (See Jane Question)

Some say Rachel Zoe is an expert of some kind–an artist, perhaps.  I say that she is just another reality televsion star just trying to extend her time in the limelight.  I’m no hater, though, I do watch and enjoy The Rachel Zoe project and I do think she has a great eye.  However, my big question is whether or not her eye for style coincides with the fantasy she tries to project?  For example, the show is fun because a lot of the brands and styles she wears simply aren’t realistic for a normal gal such as myself (nope, I just haven’t a need for the floor length vintage Oscar de la Renta down). 

Enter Piperlime.com.  Rachel Zoe displays her picks, which are much more budget friendly than her normal, extravagant, designer buys.  Here are some of my favorite RZ approved items:

 *clockwise from top left

Marc by Marc Jacobs Saddlery Sophie
Rebecca Taylor Cami
Tucket Blouse
Frye Paige Boot
Elizabeth and James Sequined Sweatshirt

I’ll admit that when I cruise Piperlime, I always look at her picks first.  Do you heed Rachel’s Zoe style advice for your everyday wardrobe picks or do you simply watch her show for pure entertainment? 


  1. UGGH! I love the show and I too look at her picks…I do NEED that sweatshirt/sequin number though, just not at that price! Love the billowy top as well!

  2. I'm going to throw myself under the bus and prepare for an internet lashing if she doesn't sic what's his name on me. I.don't.get.her.

    I caught the show last night and, to be honest, I thought it was sickening. Entirely phony attitude towards "disasters".

    I like some of what she styles, but I think it's predictable sometimes. Which I guess is her trademark.

    I think she needs to eat. And set a better example for all the young girls who do look up to her. Something is not right in that kitchen and it is obvious. Oh and the bashing of someone who cannot.even.fit.in.samples? But was a very hard working employee? That made me sad.

    Pass the Jeff Lewis.


  3. I really like her picks for Piperlime. I love shopping there and I always look at Rachel's picks.
    BTW, the Elizabeth and James Sequined Sweatshirt reminds me of the Jaspe sequined sweatshirt that JCrew released earlier in the year and that is now sitting in my closet waiting for Fall to arrive.

  4. She's pure entertainment for me. Her whole (televised) world seems so camp and over-the-top, I watch it just to laugh and smile. When forgetting the double stick tape constitutes a "major disaster"… yah, I can't help but chuckle.

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