Style Maven (See Jane Find an Obscure Icon, part IV)

I’m guessing most of you were on the younger side when you watched Full House back in the early 90s.  I always thought I was closer to Stephanie’s age, only to find out I was actually a year and a half older than Michelle in real life (didn’t they seem like such babies for a long time?).  I really loved this show growing up.  I longed to have DJ’s perfectly teased bangs or Stephanie’s aptly-time one liners (e.g. ‘how rude!‘).  However, my ripe, young mind didn’t seem to grasp the fact that Aunt Becky had it going on.  Think about it:  she was a high-powered career woman that managed to balance a (totally hilarious) family all while being able to go home to Uncle Jesse (have mercy).

Not just your average working mom:

*clockwise from top left

  1. Aunt Becky does the classic, white button-up.
  2. 70s style shirt + black choker = 1992.
  3. She’s got a family, flourishing career, and a hot husband…they can’t all be wins.
  4. “YES, my shirt does look like a paisley bathing suit at J Crew, doesn’t it?”
  5. Billow blouse with a pencil skirt.  Thanks for dictating my work style, Aunt Becks!

Maybe you didn’t process Aunt Becky’s style when you were a kid–I know I didn’t.  But perhaps now that you’re a littler older and wiser, you’ll appreciate her style now while watching Full House reruns on TV Land.


  1. Now that you've mentioned it yes Aunt Becky's style is fabulous, too bad i was still too young to understand then ha ha ha, thanks for pointing that out :))

    Wishing you a beautiful day


  2. Didn't really think about it till you mentioned it now, but I always thought Aunt Becky was really pretty. I'll always remember that one episode where she was teaching one of the girls how to put on make up, she said, "the secret to wearing make up is to make it look like you're not wearing any."

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