Dog Days (See Jane Whimper)

I want a dog.  Please note that I don’t discriminate and would also like a cat.  Buut, my boyfriend is pining for a dog and seeing as our apartment will only hold one animal, I think getting a dog will be first on the list of animals.  (Since it won’t be happening anytime in the near future, I just thought I’d ‘add it to the list’ because this blog is essentially a diary + checklist for me.)

I had animals throughout my childhood and I know how much attention they require.  Thus, I know that I can’t have one right now.  I travel too much for my job.  My boyfriend works way too much.

In the meantime, I shall ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over dogs in my building and at in the neighborhood.  …And also day dream of the turtleneck sweaters I’d like to dress my pup in at Christmas time.

So noble.  So stoic. 

Do you have a pet?


  1. I have 2 cats which I love….my landlord upstairs has the tiniest little dog. Her name's Betty. I call her Betty: Queen of the World.

    She really is.

    Maybe you can get her king…someday.


  2. I feel your pain, I'm dying for one, but we're not ready to be held down by a dog just yet!
    I follow bulldogs all over new york city. I am obsessed with them.


  3. AWww, what a cute dog! I don't have any pets, but I grew up with dogs and I want one too! I want a beagle. We don't have a yard though, so I'm trying to hold out.


  4. Must love DOGS— except when you are my spoiled yorki-poo!!! My gosh, he is such a spoiled brat, except he is the most adorable little doggie!! Good luck on your search!!


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