City of Lights (See Jane Admire)

I’m going on vacation in 21 days (but who’s counting) and while I’m totally unprepared, my excitement is overwhelming.  I know my days will be jam packed with sight-seeing, walking, and shopping, but I take comfort in the fact that I’ll have some spare time to leisurely meander in Paris + Rome, as I’ve already visited.  I cannot wait to people-watch in Paris.  It’s the city that begs you to sit back and watch the passersby–the styles, the clothes, the sidewalk cafes, and all that is chic.

Until then, I shall bask in their effortlessness.

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Also, if you have restaurant/shopping/site recommendations for Paris or Rome, please email me as I’d love any suggestions!


  1. Oh my goodness I'm so jealous of your travel plans. Paris and Rome are both so fantastic! I hope you'll be taking a million and one photos (to make me more jealous…?). Gosh now I'm counting down to your vacay!

  2. European style is so casual chic, I love it! I have never been to Paris, but spent some time in Rome last fall ~ Definitely get some shopping in near the Spanish Steps… and as long as there are fresh veggies in the windows, you can't go wrong with food!

  3. i loooove paris and rome, i can't wait to see pics 🙂 i also cant' wait to go back since i've visited each once and gotten the tourist things out of the way!

  4. I AM SO JEALOUS. But I know you will take your pretty new camera and photo it all so I can live vicariously through you, right??

    Also, I hope you shop. A lot.

    xoxo, Ashley

  5. I have a question for you! When you travel to these fine cities and want to look stylish and people watch stylish people what shoes do you wear?! ha! I am having this dilemma simply because comfy walking shoes aren't that nice to look at. What do you do?

  6. Hi Brigitta –

    I usually wear sandals in the summer and flat boots in the winter. I actually just bought some TOMs (they're around $40) and I think they're simple enough to wear with dresses/shorts in the summer–I have a feeling I'll be wearing them all over Europe! No big white sneakers for me 🙂

    Lisa – thanks for the tip!

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