White Out (See Jane Transition)

Just because Diddy (psh) hosts une fête blanc on Labor Day weekend to send off the summer doesn’t mean it’s your last opportunity to wear your brightest whites.  (Like he’s really the end all/be all authority on this oft-debated matter, anyway.)  White can be worn well in to fall when done the right way.  There’s still time to buy those white dresses (on sale, mind you) and wear them for a couple more months!  Don’t shy away from the fabulous sales happening…there are plenty of hot days in our future.

Take a basic white tank dress (and yes, it’s $26)…

Add a versatile fall jacket…

And short booties… (Disclaimer:  I am in love with these Pippin-esque booties.  But, am I the only one who wore this exact shoe in 3rd grade?  The only difference was mine were Soviet red and I wore them with oversized, hooded tops or sweaters with deer on them)

With these adorable socks…(oh, had these socks in 3rd grade, too)

Et voilà!  A perfect transition outfit that will last you past Indian Summer.


  1. I am LOVING every item you have here–the idea of white, army jacket and brown field boots. Seriously my ultimate late summer look.

    thx for sharing–super inspiring!




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