What Goes Around (See Jane Dust Off)

I’m dusting off my Citizens of Humanity wide-leg dark jeans to get the look, à la January Jones.


Yeah, so a part of me wants to be Jan Jones.  The part that’s in love scenes avec l’homme, Don Draper.  And, maybe the part that’s wearing those pants (and yes, I realize they appear to be wool, not denim).

Yay or nay to wide-leg jeans?


  1. FUNNY! I just dusted off my wide leg jeans last night, put them on, and then took them off b/c I said they were too out of style…I guess I can take them back out now!

  2. Yay for wide jeans! I think they are so sexy with heels.

    During the Mad Men season I literally become obsessed with Betty and Don Draper and even try to dress like her. Her style is insane.


  3. A Huge YAY from me on wide-leg jeans (or any type of wide-leg pants). I actually just recently pulled out my high waisted wide leg Joe's jeans and love them all over again! I secretly want to be January Jones too. Who doesn't?? haha.


  4. I CAN'T SHOUT YAY LOUD ENOUGH – SO I"LL TYPE IN ALL CAPS FOR EFFECT. Even though I love skinny jeans, I think that wide legged jeans just have a certain chicness when styled the right way – LIKE HERE! I have a pair of trouser cut jeans that may be one of my best investments ever – they are so flattering and make everything look a little more upscale.

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