Us v Them (See Jane Wear)

I’ve been wearing this Parker Cami Dress more than I’d like to admit since buying it a few weeks ago.  It’s the perfect dress for this hot weather:  simple, short, and breezy.  I often get that way when buying a piece of clothing that I really love–I wear it to death until the next best thing comes along.

When I bought the dress from Revolve Clothing, I looked closely at my computer and realized the model wearing the dress was Alli from The City (remember her?).  While I realize that the dress will never look the same on me as it does the model (or Alli in this case), but it definitely sways me into buying certain items because of how it looks on them.

Parker Dress, Dolce Vita wedges, Urban Outfitters necklace, Michele watch

I know it’s your job, but thanks for looking great, Alli.  I love the dress.


  1. Who are you kidding, that dress looks BETTER on you!!! It's adorable. I'm going to check it out right now and maybe buy it. Hope you had a great weekend.


  2. Anna Jane you completely trump Alli in the dress! No wonder you've been wearing it a lot – it looks fantastic on you!! Take it away lady!!

    ps- I did a double take when I noticed her on revolve last week, too!

  3. Omg, that is Alli. She looks kind of plastic (not her fault, too much makeup!) This looks really cute on you! And it's such a summer staple, the sundress that's so light you feel like you aren't really wearing anything.

    xoxo, Ashley

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