Rawhide (See Jane Tan)

I stepped into Nordstrom yesterday evening to peruse the anniversary sale shoe section and waltzed out with a receipt in my hand and a mind full of possibilities.

Rather than coming home with a new pair of boots, I found a leather jacket that was heavily discounted and out of stock in my size (naturally).  It was the perfect mix of cowgirl with a vintage, yet edgy feel.  A sales associate must have sensed my despair and immediately made a few calls only to find the jacket in my size at another store where it will be shipped to me for free.  Sometimes it pays to visit the ol’ brick and mortar store.

I already have a black, biker-esque black leather jacket that I’ve worn and loved for the past two years.  The prospect of another leather jacket brings me pure excitement.  For all I know, the jacket could look terrible (I was trying on one that was way too big), but in the meantime, I will imagine the possibilities…

What are your thoughts on tan leather jackets?


  1. Oh yeah! Bust it girlfriend – you got a rad deal on a gorgeous item. Congrats!! (and a few pairs of honeydews never hurt either)

    ps- ebelskiver giveaway starts today. post should be up in an hour or so.


  2. I'm in LOVE with them!!! The one you bought is fabulous! I've actually been looking for a great tan leather jacket for years. Maybe I'll have to check out the Nordstrom sale.


  3. Ok, it seriously gives me a knot in my stomach to think or talk about leather jackets. I've been on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket for forever, and I cannot find it!! The closet I came was a Vince motorcycle jacket that cost about the same as my rent… eeep! I'm still on the hunt though. I'm thinking black, but I definitely would love a tan one as well.

  4. Greetings : )
    You shop on the internet or in-store? which often do you realy go for? really wondering lol.. i like in-store only because i don't really like waiting it to arrive!

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