Jetlag (See Jane Recoup)

I’m back from a business trip (hmm…that makes me sound somewhat important, but alas, I’m not) and sadly, have several more to take in the coming months.  I spent the first two years of my post-college life living a jet-set lifestyle (i.e hanging in airports and not going to the grocery store for months at a time) and while I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my four-month hiatus, I have been summoned back on the road by the travel gods.

Don’t cry for me (I’ll do that myself), rather, let’s look for the positive in the situation.  For example, I was once was an uninformed over-packer turned savvy traveler.  Let me show you a few lifesavers that have made extensive travel a bit more tolerable.

My boyfriend bought this for me when he thought my ratty, old Longchamp had seen better days and too many airplane floors.  Best travel tote, ever.  It holds my 20 lb computer along with (but not limited to) an overstuffed wallet, bottled water, several magazines, sunglasses, two blackberries, and my sanity. 
You need a lightweight scarf on a plane.  Whether you use as a pillow, blanket, or to hide your face from plane talkers (ugh), this is your lifeline.   (Oh, hi Alli)

Every time I see someone wearing heels at the airport, I wince out of pain for them.  The last thing you want to be doing is schlepping your bulging carry-on down a moving walkway only to have your heel get stuck in the metal grid.  Yes, it’s happened to me.
Do you have any travel secrets?


  1. Roll your items to fit more in your bag and save space in general. Girl I've had those traveling days myself and feel your pain.

    I'm bursting re: the heels (sorry, but you are hilarious!) I've thought about carrying mad amounts of feminine products and leaving them hanging out of my carry-on luggage to ward off the talkers. That or a crazy book on killers.

    The BF is a thoughtful gent for getting you the fab bag…and THERE'S Alli – yet again!!

    Hang in there! Hope you have a fab weekend!

    Please bring your sarcasm and wit over to the Cupcake Challenge. I won the last round, have hosted the cupcake, shown it around town as evidenced on blog and am ready to send her onto her next destination…I think you could show her a thing or two about working it at the airlines…and more.


  2. Your'e so funny.
    I love your ideas and I love your LV bag! I always wondered how much those never-fulls could carry!

    Have a great weekend lovely!


  3. Hi there,
    You have a great blog! I like it!

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    Ps: I'll be having an amazing giveaway soon, stay tuned!

    Hope to see you soon.

  4. I am totally feeling your pain on business travel. I travel fairly frequently for work and I find that other people who don't travel for their jobs have this idea that business travel is quite glamorous. That may be the case if you are a CEO, however if you are a recent college grad (like us!) it's significantly less cool. THERE IS NOTHING GLAMOROUS ABOUT THE RESIDENCE INN IN PEORIA, IL!!! I think all of your tips were right on point! Unfortunately, despite my somewhat extensive travel, I have not improved at packing – I am still a mess when it comes to my suitcase. I think I may always be an over packer!! Eeeep, I'm getting anxiety just thinking about packing…

  5. Oh no! Your heel got caught in the escalator?? Ugh, that's horrible. I definitely like to travel in flats and always need to bring a sweater because I get cold on planes. Hope you had a great weekend recovering!


  6. Well I wish I got a new LV for traveling! This bf of yours has great taste 😉

    I grew up traveling so over the years I've switched from coloring books to a kindle.

    I'm with you on scarfs. Perfect pillows and perfect to wrap around a couple times and keep creepers at bay!

    Hope all your future travels go smoothly 🙂

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