Extra Cargo (See Jane Duplicate)

If you haven’t noticed, cargo pants are making quite a resurgence.  I feel like a wee 7th grader again, when all I really wanted was some Abercrombie & Fitch army green cargo pants with back, flap patch-pockets paired with a logo wool sweater.  Fast forward to 2010:  the adult in me slightly shudders at the thought of cargo pants, but the 13 year old in me wants to dust off my Doc Marten chunky brown shoes and pair them with these glorious cargos (and possibly an American Eagle ribbed, muscle tank).

Don’t act like this doesn’t get your heart racing…

Obviously, the most sought-after cargo as of late is the J Brand Houlihan.  I haven’t tried them on, but considering my vast J Brand jean collection, I’ll go ahead and bet they fit like a dream.  However, at $228, I’m more inclined to save my money to buy other fall/winter investments, like boots and sweaters.

Overall, The F21 pants aren’t a bad replacement for the Houlihans ( and saving $200 doesn’t hurt either).  Ironically enough, I think Abercrombie has a pretty good version of the cargo pant…after all, they know best. 
If only that moose wasn’t so obvious…


  1. I have those Houlihan Cargo Pants and they're good, but girl I'd give those A&F's a try in a second!! I love A&F even after all these years and never mind me going in there all covered in wrinkle cream acting like I'm 15 again. Maybe I'm shopping for my daughter. Or niece. Whatever.

    btw – i totally still possess those cargos with the flap pockets and still wear them. i have no pride. some good things never retire.

    kindred spirits.


  2. i've been waiting for 90s and grunge to be back. got my flannels, cargos, docs, and spaghetti strap midriff tanks all tucked away behind my slew of skinny jeans.

    talk about nostalgia…go into an A&F store (or simply pass by one) and the smell will take you back (or knock you out).

  3. I've been wanting to try on the J Brands too Jane! But I won't let myself – i think the same eact thing about being back in college/h.s. and everyone obsessed with A&F. I might be tempted to try A&F for this skinny cargo though. The price is ok and the styling is cute (minus the moose) but I can deal! Thanks for the look for less!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  4. I know, it's the moose that kills me. Haha. Besides that, I love the idea of cargo pants, especially if they're skinny! Pockets are my friend. 🙂


  5. ahhh the good 'ol days…I was a worker and later became manager at the good 'ol moose…phaha..so funny…although, I'm not a huge fan of the moose anymore, I did keep a lot of my older moose and I call it my vintage moose now 🙂

    Cute post…and cute F21 version…I have the BlankNYC version…was cheaper than the JBrands and I love 'em…super comfy!


  6. hiii
    just stumbled upon your blog & love it!

    i've been wanting those jbrand cargos for months now, but still cannot bring myself to the twohundredsomething tag! off to A&F i go!

    please follow me @ my blog as well!


    anna t.

  7. Hahha there is a 12 year old inside me who totally knows what you're talking about. I haven't really even considered cargos this time around, they just don't do it for me anymore I guess!

    xoxo, Ashley

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