Oh, This Old Thing? (See Jane Restore)

I have recently become a fan of “DIY” projects.  I’ve had some extra time at home, which has been a nice break from my usual work travel schedule.  Now, please note that I have no previous experience in painting, DIY projects, or restoration.  The moral of the story is:  if I can do it, you can do it. 
I had a table that I bought at Goodwill for a few dollars that would make a nice entryway table (i.e. dumping ground for mail and keys), but it wasn’t in the best shape.  I hid it away for the past year and when I moved in with my boyfriend we realized we had few furniture options.  I busted this ol’ thing out and decided it was time to put the underused table into actual use.  The table is still fragile and wobbly, but I never claimed to have carpentry skills.
Before:  Shabby, but certainly not chic.
After:  Post sanding, primer, and a few coats of semi-gloss black paint et voilà!  
What really made this entryway table vignette pop is the black mirror positioned over top.  I had bought this mirror last year and thought it would be perfect over my newly renovated table.  Topped with a lightly chipped white bowl that I bought at a garage sale last year for some change, I think my entry way area is looking up!
Outtakes:  A few more for effect.

Have you ever given old furniture a makeover?


  1. Thanks for the post, i've been meaning to restore some old furniture and this has given me new ideas. I will definitely stay tuned to this blog!


  2. perfection!! for someone who doesn't know much about diy you did an excellent job. i'm loving the whole thing with the mirror above it as well. yeah!!

    ps- i think you now deserve a treat from fresh. you will love!

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