Five (See Jane Tagged)

My friend, Carrie, over at This Free Bird tagged me for this questionnaire I like to call “Five.”  I’ll take a break from my normal shopping and styling posts to answer a few questions…

Where were you five years ago?

I had just finished my sophomore year of college and was living in Los Angeles (Bel-Aire) while working as a nanny with my friend Caitlin.  Have you ever nannied?  Two words:  birth control.  

It was a great experience in some ways though, because I saved all the money I earned which contributed to my semester abroad in Europe.
Where would you like to be five years from now? 
I’d like to be living in NYC and writing for a living.  Truth be told, I was a finance major in college. While it has provided some great opportunities for me and I do enjoy my current job (honest), I wholeheartedly love to write and hope to do it full-time some day.  
What is on your to do list today? 
– Schedule a dentist appointment. 
– Finish painting a small entry-way table. 
– Organize my toiletries/makeup (it’s horrifying how much I have) 
– Laundry after work 
– Schedule hair appointment (after seeing some pictures of myself this weekend, I realize I’m long overdue for a trim)   
What five snacks do you enjoy?
– Chips + Guacamole
– Kette potato chips 
– Almonds
– Belgain-style fries
– Dark chocolate (the only non-salty snack I crave)
I pass this memo on the following intriguing blogs: 
And I ask all of you:  where do you think you’ll be in five years time?


  1. Jane I LOVE THIS!! I didn't know you lived in SoCal and nannied in Bel-Air. What an adventure that must have been.

    I burst out laughing when I read the birth control part. Way back when living in Canada I owned a rather large childcare facility (85 kids- uh, yeaaaah. no jokes) and at the of a particularly grueling day one of the parents once asked me if I was going to have kids. I looked at her like she was nuts and all she did was wave her hand around like vanna white and say, "best form of birth control you probably ever got", grabbed her kid and strolled out.

    I've never forgotten that!!

    Hey, and you have great writing skills! I look forward to seeing where you end up. xo

  2. hahahaha. birth control…some people should really try it 🙂
    in five years, i'm pretty positive i'll be either living in chicago or new york city, writing for a living. and..if everything goes as planned.. i might be engaged or even married 🙂

  3. I love when bloggers do personal posts, its always great to get to know the lady behind the style. I can totally relate to your dillema re: jobs. I'm working i a business field right now, and I do like it, but I see myself doing something more creative in the future. It may sound silly, but I think blogging has helped me tap into my creative side and now I just can't ignore it!!

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