Duvet Decisions (See Jane Decide)

As you may know, I’ve spent the last week adjusting in ma maison nouveau.  I still feel like I have heaps to do in terms of unpacking (hey, I’ve got a job) and organizing.  Don’t even get me started on decorating and essential furniture pieces–let’s just say we have minimal seating at the moment. 

Finishing up the bedroom is important to me.  Often times, it’s the last room people touch because it’s so easy to shut the door and not let anyone inside.  Therfore, I want to get my bedroom fully decorated as soon as possible.  I already have the headboard (seen here), we’re waiting on our dresser to be delivered, and I’ve been re-doing some nightstands that I’ll feature later this week.  Basically, I saved the best for last:  the bedding!

I am seriously in love with this:

Serena and Lily Border Frame Duvet in Bark


Simple, classic, neutral.  It would look great with our dark bedroom furniture.  At $219, I was a tad reluctant but ready to pull the trigger, until I found:

Pottery Barn Grant Embroidered Duvet Cover

Same classic lines and simple design, and at $79, it’s less than half the price.  (I also am considering the deep espresso color, as well, to appease the boyfriend.)  With those savings, I could afford some really fantastic pillows!
Which duvet would you pick?


  1. There they are!! The Draper Stripe Ash!! I'm going to bed, but just had to say something before I signed off because I was thinking about pillows for you all weekend (it's a sickness)


  2. Hmmm tough one, but maybe go with the white pottery barn and embellish it with some printed pillows and throws. I ended up doing my entire bedroom in white and them accented with the donna karan essentials pewter throws and pillows, which totally liven it up.


  3. Honestly, I adore the top one. But for the money you would save you could go seriously pillow crazy! Plus, it helps to appease the bf on sheets/duvet because then if he tries to fight you when it comes to the pillows you can pull that card. Can't wait to see the final look!

    Xoxo Ashley @ freehoney.blogspot.com

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