Closet Envy (See Jane Pine)

As I’ve been organizing my own closet this past week due to the move, I’ve been taking extra notice of other people’s closets.  Whether it be a celebrity letting the public into their world via a magazine feature or peering into a friend’s closet, a closet can be a gateway into one’s inner most intricacies.  Naturally, I love to see what people have inside their closet but mostly, it’s interesting to see how people display their goods.

Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes

Designer Alice Temperley

J Crew’s Jenna Lyons

Do you have closet envy?


  1. the closet organization is such on ongoing process! i have been working on my shoe collection lately – photographing all my shoes so that i put pics on the front of each box for easy finding.

    next, go through my drawers, refold and purge the old!

  2. I'm the same, love seeing in people's closets.

    I love clearing out mine, I always seem to need more space haha!

    Great blog, I'm now following 🙂

    Laura xx

  3. okay how lucky are these girls?? i now have 3 closets full and the chef's trying to get me to build one into a walkout because it's a total gong show.

    can you say packrat? ugh.

  4. oh my gosh…absolutely! my closet is your normal sized closet with rolling doors…i envy my grandmothers..hers was a walk-in (in her bedroom) then the entire wall in the next room was also her closet, along with another walk-in in that SAME room. now i know where i get my fashion habits 🙂

  5. YES!! I am literally eating my heart out of envy right now. I live in nyc and my closet is sooo small it holds approx. 10% of my possessions.

    xoxo, Ashley

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