My Future’s So Bright (See Jane Wear Shades)

It seems as if the sun has been hiding lately…partout.  When I left LA on Monday morning, the clouds and rain followed me to San Francisco.  I spoke to my boyfriend about the weather back home in Chicago (we’re so exciting) and he grumbled that the dark clouds have been looming for a few days.  My sixth sense tells me that sunny skies are nigh, so it’s time to dust off the shades.


My new favorite sunglasses.  
Ray Ban Retro Cats at Revolve Clothing
*Be sure to check the Purse Forum for Revolve Clothing codes…I got these 25% off! 

Obsessed with the fresh, gold frames and retro feel.
Dior Very Dior Sunglasses at Saks

Round, classic frames that you won’t cry over if you happen to squash them.
F7336 Sunglasses at Forever 21

What styles of sunglasses are you eyeing for the summer?


  1. I lost my favorite sunnies ever in all the land about 2 weeks ago. Thanks for giving me some great ideas!!

    In the meantime I've got separation anxiety in a bad way…got anything for that?? 🙂

  2. I need sunglasses with very dark lenses – they suit my face better. And my current pair are on their last legs, so basically I'm eyeing any kind of sunnies that aren't broken haha!

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