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Find me a girl that didn’t want to be Kelly Kapowski growing up, and I’ll show you a girl that doesn’t exist.  No matter who your favorite Saved by the Bell character was/is, chances are, deep down inside your soul, you still wanted to be Kelly.  And who wouldn’t, really?  She had confidence, a great figure, and pulled off just about anything.  In fact, the more I thought about Ms. Kapowski (or is it Morris now?), the more I realized that I would still like to dig around in her wardrobe today.

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How to cop Kelly’s style:

  1. Rolling all your t-shirt sleeves.  How cool does that look?
  2. Cropped tops.  We all knew they’d be back.
  3. Anything off the shoulder.  Show off your favorite body part.
  4. Form fitting florals.  You can’t get much girlier than that (and I love it!).

Whose style did you worship growing up?  Blossom?  Clarissa?


  1. definitely Clarissa. although i WANTED to be Kelly, as you aptly noted, i knew that something would go awry if i tried. not that i was Clarissa either. but i liked how she could pull of ANYTHING. she wore the weirdest clothes, and still managed to look cute. too bad she lost most of that when she became the Teenage Witch.

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