It’s Cardi-Time (See Jane Wear Cardigans)

A good cardigan can make for an easier life–it’s the problem solver of garments.  Chilly spring night?  Wear a cardigan.  Have a top that you’re dying to wear to happy hour but is a tad inappropriate for work?  Wear a cardigan.  Stain on your shirt that won’t come out but not quite ready to give up it up?  Wear a cardigan and no one will ever know…

A few staples that’ll get you to September (show clockwise from left):

1.  Anthropologie Stretching Days Cardigan ($78)– When you want to be sunny, but the weather is not.
2.  J Crew Cotton Cascade Ruffle Cardigan ($78) – I recently bought this and know it will be a staple for seasons to come.
3.  Juicy Couture Striped Military Cardigan ($248) – A great substitute for a jacket on a cool, April day.
4.  Old Navy Cap Sleeve Cardigan ($25) – How cute would this over a dress and belted? (A thick, brown belt)
5. Topshop Knitted Lace Shoulder Cardigan ($80) – An interpretive way to wear the current shoulder pad trend. 

Don’t be tardy for the cardi-party!


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