A Very Uma Birthday (See Jane Pay Homage)

I want to take this opportunity to wish my beautiful, older sister a very bonne anniversaire. I just hope I can look like her when I’m her age. Ergo, I hope to look like Uma Thurman. Seriously, Sarah is Uma’s doppleganger (obviously, because my sister is way younger than Ms. Thurman).

Here are a few things Sarah liked that I just thought were the coolest:
Sarah always liked Nirvana and I can still remember how upset she was the day Kurt Cobain died. Even though I was only 9 years old, I was so interested in how much his death affected her. I came to fully appreciate Nirvana, many years later, but was always jealous that I was too young to understand that magnitude of what happened that day. I’ve come to realize it was like the day John Lennon died, for Gen X’ers–the day the grunge music died.
Speaking of Gen X… Sarah’s style in the early 90s made me yearn for a pair of Doc Marten boots of my own. While her peers were still grasping for the whatever was left of 80s style (and trust me, there was plenty left in 1991–I saw her yearbooks), Sarah was embracing her long, straight blond hair and wearing a flannel around her waist. I was only a kid in elementary school, but I thought she was an effortless style maven. (I also know that if I was her age in the 90s, I would have looked like a damn fool wearing the stuff she could pull off.)
Why the cartwheels, you ask? Well, Sarah is the only kid in our family that can do them. In fact, she can do several other gymnastic moves, as well. While it may not seem like a big deal to some, in our family, the cartwheel is a coveted move. To my other siblings, Emily and Blue: Give up. We’ll never be able to do it. It’s Sarah’s thing.

Happy Birthday, Sarah! I love you lots. And did you notice that the whole post is black and white? It’s dedicated to your high school bedroom on LaPlante Road, which was black and white themed. I was so jealous of it and loved hanging out in there when you were gone.


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