Urban Cowgirl (See Jane Giddyup)

I started riding horses when I was 5 years old. My dad and brother built a barn together and the next thing I knew, my dad was leading our new horse Jewel into her stall. I continued to ride until I was 16, which is when I sold my last horse. That’s right, I’m a retired equestrian–and I’ve got the ribbons, trophies, and leftover tack in my parent’s basement to prove it.

I hope to get back into it some day, à la Betty Draper. While Betty’s preferred saddle is hunt seat (which I did ride), I always preferred Western Pleasure. There’s a cool, laid-back attitude associated with western that I always loved; think Gram Parsons and Rolling Stones circa “Sticky Fingers,” not this honky tonk nonsense.

Banana Republic Denim Shirt

I fell in love with this shirt when out shopping with my boyfriend. I held it up for him and he sighed, “You’re never going to wear that.” I put the shirt down and left the store, defeated. The next weekend, when I was visiting home in Ohio, I insisted my sister drive me to the mall so I could get this shirt. My mom oohed and ahhed and said it was just like the Wrangler shirt she had in the ’70s (that I’m sure she wore while riding horses with her friend Cathy Ford). I can’t wait to take up riding again and wear this shirt while in the saddle. ($69.50 at Banana Republic)
(And a PS to the boyfriend…I’ve worn it TWICE already.)

We’d store our riding tack (bridles, saddles, whips) in trunks, and I still love that whole look. Nothing says “Western” like packing the ol’ covered wagon up with a load of trunks and heading west via the Oregon Trail. But really, I want to decorate my home with plenty of these leather trunks. These solid and classic pieces are not only multifunctional, but will last generations. Plus, if someone in your wagon dies of typhoid, you can always stick them in that trunk for a few days ’til you get to Fort Kearney. (Trunks at lifeofrileyonline.co.uk)

So this is a little off base from the western theme, but whenever I think of the stable where my horse was boarded, I think of chalkboards. People would write reminders, dietary restrictions for certain horses, or just plain snarky notes. The board above is so cute; perfect for my future barn (or apartment entryway).
Yee haw and g’night, y’all!

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