Le Printemps (See Jane Come Out of Hibernation)

Spring is in the air, mes amies. Time to shed your layers and show some skin. If you’re anything like me, you took one look at your legs as you stepped out of the shower this morning and shrieked. Just call me Powder.

After on I apply some much needed self tanner, then I will gladly transition the wardrobe into lighter and brighter pieces. Speaking of self tanner…

Jergens Body Moisturizer in medium
Use it on your legs, arms, whatever, just not your face. The color is about as natural as you can get for a self tanner and the smell isn’t too offensive, either. (Walgreens, $7)

Benefit “Talk to the Tan”I seriously hate the names of all Benefit products. I get it, i get it–it’s their kitsch. Less talk, Benefit, more action. Names aside, this face self-tanner really does do it for me. It’s basically a tint (please don’t be put off by how dark it looks) that you apply as needed and wash off with the rest of your makeup. No orange, no missed spots that will last a week until the fake tan fades. Now if only it wasn’t named that… ($28 at Benefit)

Once my body looks fully resuscitated and I have a pinch of color back, I can start thinking about spring clothes. Ahhhh. There’s nothing like the time of year where you might need a jacket and once you finally decide to wear a jacket, you’re hot and annoyed that you brought a jacket at all.

Here’s a couple things I’ve either bought or am eyeing for the spring.

Dolce Vita Pela Wedge

Wedges are the perfect hybrid shoe for the summer. I get sick of wearing flat sandals, but don’t always want to wear heels. Insert: the Dolce Vita Pela wedge. I can’t wait to get these! They’ll look great with everything from black dresses to white jeans, and everything in between. ($165 at www.revolveclothing.com but with coupon code SINGERSTYLE20 you can get 20% off)

T Alexander Wang Draped Stretch T Dress

Once I deem my figure appropriate for this body-con number I’d really like to get my hands on this great transition dress. Lightweight fabric, breezy color; I’d like to pair this with the wedges above with it and a black blazer on a cool spring night. ($105 at shopbop)

I know blogs/magazines/retail stores have been pushing springwear since January 1, 2010, but I refuse to purchase any until I can actually wear it. I can’t wait to see what else is out there in the next few months.


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