I Hate Being Right (See Jane Be Clairvoyant)

Sometimes my soothsayer tendencies are helpful (multiple choice quizzes, up and coming bands, rock/paper/scissors); other times, like today, I just feel sad that I even shared the vision in my head.

It’s snowing outside. Yes, there is a blizzard outside my window. Quelle horreur! I know all my NYC friends are probably yukking it up as its 70 degrees and sunny in Manhattan. If only I was back in New York, then I could be waltzing around the LES on this sunny afternoon while sporting my new strappy wedges….but that’s another conversation that I’ll save for later.

Vogue Magazine Cover, December 1916

This will be me trudging through the snow, over the river and through the woods, to my friend’s birthday party this afternoon.

Looks like I have to (begrudgingly) bust out my old winter staples:

Burberry Belted Wool Coat

I have this coat in red. How fitting; I’m so mad about this weather that I’m seeing red–like Soviet Red. ($795 at Burberry – I got mine after Christmas for 50% off!)

Joes Jeans Black “Jeggings”

Not quite jeans, not quite leggings. In 2009, the jegging was born. I wore these nonstop this past fall and winter. They will still be great for a cooler spring day but these thick, black pants will eventually be retired for in the summer. Although, I may have to invest in a thinner denim pair for the summer. ($138 at anthropologie)

Beverly Hills 90210

I prefer to watch episodes via SoapNet on a blustery winter morning. Some people eat comfort food when it’s cold out, well I watch comfort TV. Other favorites include: Saved by the Bell, Real Housewives (of any location), and Mad Men.

Enjoy your day, Chicagoans. My senses tell me there is a light at the end of the tunnel and to expect better weather next week.


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