I Do What She Tells Me! (See Jane Shop for Others)

I’m home at my parents house right now, which is sort of why I started this blog. Not much going on at the ol’ homestead so why not say what’s on my mind?

My older sister is here with me and recruited my help to find her a new bag. Since I browse online for clothes/bags/products daily, I was pleased she finally admitted that I’m good at something (even if it is online shopping).

Her prerequisites: leather, crossbody, not huge

Hmmm, that’s quite a a vague challenge. Plus, she is poor, to boot! (see: unemployed by choice)

Since it’s her choice to be jobless right now, I suppose the above image isn’t totally appropriate, but whatever, it stays.

Ok, on to the shopping!

I first took her to www.shopbop.com. While they have many of the designers I lust after, they also offer some affordable options. Let’s take a look at what we found:

Madewell Mini Fringe Crossbody Bag
Pretty damn cute. Great bag that you can stick some essentials in and take off for the day. I hate lugging bag bags around at night so this is perfect for a warm summer or fall evening. $98 at shopbop. I think I had more expensive Coach purses than this in high school, so that’s quite a steal.

Madewell Mini Cross Body Bag
Another winner from Madewell. Shown in navy, this little guy is a step up in size from the last Madewell bag shown with a simpler design. For $128, I might have to get this baby for myself!

Rebecca Minkoff BF Crossbody Pouch

Emily nixed this one and rightfully so. We decided it looks a little too much like my mom’s “wallet on a string.” $150 at shopbop.

MATT & NAT Hendrix Mini Bag

We both fell in love with the simple, yet edgy design of this MATT & NAT bag. Then, I read the item description: “This glazed, pebbled PVC handbag….” Stop right there. Say no more. We love the Earth and all, but these girls like leather bags. While we appreciate the fact that it’s made out of vinyl and no moo-cows were killed during the production of this bag, it doesn’t take away from the fact that we like to our underarms to feel a buttery leather as we walk down the street. If you want to go “green,” I suggest buying a used or vintage bag. I find it ironic that this bag is advertised as “eco-friendly” seeing as PVC isn’t exactly the most natural material (nicknamed the Poison Plastic at http://www.chej.org/BESAFE/pvc/). $165 at shopbop.com if you’re still interested.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Natasha Messenger Bag
“I want to go to there,” Emily gushed as she stroked my computer screen. She fell in love with the simplicity and obvious functionality of this MBMJ stunner. It’s the perfect size, color, and style and exactly what she was looking for. Unfortunately, Emily really isn’t willing to drop $328 (at shopbop.com) on this bag, just yet. The search continues.

Foley + Corinna Disco City Bag

We both oohed and ahhed at Foley + Corrina’s mini version of their well-known and oft-duplicated City Tote. Bigger than all the Madewell bags and smaller than the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, it was easy to see why Emily was hooked. $198 at shopbop.com and also available in a mahagony and violet.

And the winner is….

Foley + Corinna Disco City Bag!

Why the different photo, you ask? Well, thanks to my incessant scouring of the Deals & Steals forum of my favorite website, The Purse Forum, I saw that Revolve Clothing (www.revolveclothing.com) is offering 20% to match the current offer happening at www.djpremium.com. That means that all brands DJ Premium offers, Revolve will match with 20% off. Lucky for Emily, DJ Premium carries Foley + Corinna, so Emily will be purchasing this bag for $158. Not bad, considering the free shipping Revolve offers (and free returns if she receives the bag and has an ‘oh shit’ moment). Use code DJMATCH20 at checkout.

My main goal when we were kids was to make my big sister proud. Do you think I did?


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