Month: March 2010

Rollin’ with the Home-ees (See Jane House Hunt)

I’m currently on the search for a new apartment and I forgot how terrible of a time it can be. My boyfriend should be contributing to this grandiose search but since he “works” more than “40 hours a week,” he is somehow exempt from it. Time to put on the big girl pants, because I […]

Jeans Day (See Jane Have Casual Friday)

Who doesn’t love a jeans day? (The answer: those who aren’t the repressed slaves of corporate America and get to express themselves at work every day with their creative clothing) Well, whatever. This corporate suit loves a denim day! Whenever I hear that a jean-themed Friday is looming, I get dizzy with excitement. What will […]

A Very Uma Birthday (See Jane Pay Homage)

I want to take this opportunity to wish my beautiful, older sister a very bonne anniversaire. I just hope I can look like her when I’m her age. Ergo, I hope to look like Uma Thurman. Seriously, Sarah is Uma’s doppleganger (obviously, because my sister is way younger than Ms. Thurman). Here are a few […]

UNessentials (See Jane Exalt the Expendables)

When it comes to my beauty routine, there are only a few things I consider totally essential. (Definition: those items that allow me to leave the house looking like a human) The cleansers, toners, moisturizers listed in my routine post and a few crucial makeup items: Laura Mercier mineral powder spf 15 in natural beige […]